Campus Based Education is a program that has activities around and focused in the campus. This activities has main objective to teach or introducing tropical disease to the students thoroughly through Indonesian medical student teaching process. So this program will give the students a firm foundation for when they face the community in our community based programs.

Campus Based Education will be consisting of 7 kinds of activities, i.e pretest, tutorial, lecture, focus group discussion, skills lab, laboratory activities, and final test

1. Pretest
Pretest is the first test in the beginning of the program to know how far the comprehension of the participants about tropical diseases.

2. Tutorial
Tutorial is a discussion consists of some participants, to gain one perception between the participants, and between the participants and the lecturer. This discussion is based on a problem that has been lectured. And the result of the discussion is to bring concrete think of the problem in handling tropical diseases.

3. Lecture
Lecture with some newest subject related to tropical disease and given by the experts.

4. Focus Group Discussion
Focus Group Discussion is a discussion about a topic that got by participants analyzing the cases from the hospital visit. The participant divided into some group with one expert of tropical disease.

5. Skills Lab
Skills Lab is an activity that emphasize in skill of doing supporting examination. It is the beginning of taking the right diagnose, and then to take next strategy to handling for the cure of patient.

6. Laboratory Activity
Laboratory Activity is an activity where the participant do supporting examination, to strengthen the image of tropical diseases in diagnose.

7. Final Test
This is the examination that will be taken by the participants. We took the examination as a measure of material that has been gained by the participants for about 18 days at the ITMSS. The exam is in the form of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) and OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination).


Community Based Education is program that focused on community. This program has main objectives to let the students to see how the health care process in Indonesia and also to let the student applicate everything that the student has studied in Campus Based Education. Beside that, in this program, students will get their chances to communicate directly to Indonesian people.

Community Based Education will be consisted of 4 main activities, such as

1. Primary Health Care Visit
This program has a goal to point out tropical diseases in the first line of primary health care. This program divided into some sessions which are visiting the primary health care and in the next session, participants will be taken directly into the community to see how to point out the tropical disease in the first line of public health.

2. Hospital Visit
Hospital visit is an activity that has goals to show directly about how to point out tropical disease and also explain about the service to the community in terms of administrative and managerial hospital in Indonesia.

3. Community Health Center Visit
Community Health Center Visit is an activity that has goals to show directly to handling the diseases in special services center, such as the center of lungs of TB disease.

4. Community Work
Community Work is a social activity that based on social communities, as a bridge and a tool to create the awareness of participants in the communities in endemic areas. This activity is organized with hope that the community and the participants will get more knowledge that can be applied connected with tropical disease.