[COMING SOON: 15th International Tropical Medicine Summer School In Indonesia]

[COMING SOON: 15th International Tropical Medicine Summer School In Indonesia]


Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb

They said “Sunshine is the Best Medicine”

So, are you brave enough to get all warmed up and let your skin feel the warmth of the sun?

This year we are bringing you the most awaited tropical medicine program in Indonesia along with more than 27 countries all over the world. We’ll walk you through this infinite journey of academics, social, and cultural experiences with a twist of adventure breeze.

Tropical medicine is the department of medicine which concerned in diagnosis and treatment of diseases commonly occurring in tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Indonesia, as one of the countries placed in tropical regions, is more severely affected by infectious diseases in comparison to temperate regions. These diseases can thrive in such regions not only due to social and biological factors, but also the environmental factors such as natural disaster that happened lately. The natural disaster increases the likelihood of the high levels and biodiversity of pathogens, vectors and hosts, that also undermine the efforts in controlling these disease.

For this upcoming event, we’ll walk you through our topics with many interesting educational activities we provide.

Suit yourself wanderers.
For “The first and the biggest summer school in Indonesia”
Tripping soon this January.

Empowering Medical Students,
Improving Nation’s Health

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb