[Calling for 1st Batch Application] 15th ITMSS in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

[Calling for 1st Batch Application] 15th ITMSS in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Greetings, wanderers. 
The day you’ve been waiting for has finally come. It’s the day where you can choose to take a step closer to “the first and the biggest tropical medicine summer school in Indonesia”. 

For fourteen years, we’ve given you the best of new tropical medicine experiences by giving you new themes each year and walk you through this experience while still giving you the best scenery and the life of Yogyakarta.  
This year, we’ve come up with a new theme of “Enrich Your Knowledge on Indonesia’s tropical Medicine: Discover Its Outbreak Through Catastrophe”, with three main topics to be explored, which are, Tuberculosis; Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever; and Neglected Tropical Disease : Malaria, and we are going to held this event from July 22nd to August 9th 2019. Here we will learn the connection between the latest natural disasters that happen in Indonesia and the topics we are bringing. After a long hour of learning, we give you a chance to experience cultural place such as the Sultan Palace (Kraton Yogyakarta), Borobudur Temple as one of UNESCO World Heritage, an adrenaline sport by rafting in Kalisuci, even trying out traditional dance and music on our cultural session.   

We are opening the first batch registration from January 14th – February 17th 2019 and here are some step by step on how to register for 15th ITMSS 2019. 

Step 1: Download the Guideline and Application Form  

Before you register, you may want to know more deeply about our Summer School. Learn about our program, registration, payment, accommodation, Indonesia, and Yogyakarta in our Guideline. You could find the Guideline and Application Form in our Invitation Package that has been send to you, your university, or you could find them here. 


Step 2: Fill the Application Form   

In the Application Form, there are several fields that must be filled about your contact information, health information, and many more. Please input your data carefully to ensure you got the best experience when you are in Yogyakarta.  

Step 3: Send the Application Form   

After you fill all of the fields in the application form, please sign them then send them to us via email to itmss.mmsa@umy.ac.id. After you send the application form, please kindly check your email regularly as we are selecting the participant and we will send you about your step in registration if you’ve been selected.   

Step 4: Pay all tuition and fees   

If payment of tuition and fees is not received to our bank account, your application will be canceled and your seat will be exchanged to our waiting participant.   

Step 4: You are officially a participant!   

After fully paid all the tuition and fees, you will receive a letter of acceptance and further information about what you have to prepare for this exciting journey!   

For more details, you can read the guideline attached on the link.  

Please contact us at itmss.mmsa@umy.ac.id   

Empowering Medical Students,
Improving Nation’s Health


Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.